Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Body is a Cage

Things are finally starting to settle in. I've seen most of my friends and am expecting to see some more later this week for sure. I've had only two classes this week, so if things go as they have been, it should be a smooth semester. I'm really excited to learn about color photo seen as for the past 5 years all I've learned is b & w. I went outside the back of our apt. yesterday to take some photos and our neighbors ALL had their screen doors open and some were watching me, it was a little nerve racking but I have to do what I can to do well. My poetry teacher seems like a douchebag, but whatever, shouldn't be too bad.
Since my digital camera broke I haven't been able to take any pictures. Here's one from this weekend, a little reunion b/w back row/toronto buddies:

I've also figured out an issue from a little while ago, but even with the resolution I feel a little sad. Oh well...

Back to more movies/tv shows (i.e. Sex and the City, Sky Pirates, Clark and Michael, the Hills) OH YEAAAH