Friday, February 8, 2008

A Good Spanking

I've been in a foul mood all this week, not really sure why because everything's gone on just like normal. That might be why, I'm sick of the normalcy... So I'd been thinking about how as of recent I've been listening to only my newest purchases, giving them a try; and then last friday while I was silk screening, a kid in my class turned on some nice blues... nothing obvious, but I couldn't even recall a name. So I got to thinking that I needed to down myself in my comfort music. I don't know, there's something about listening to Al Green and Otis Redding that just put me at ease.

Love and Happiness just gets me every time. I just love it. I mean, I grew up listening to Al Green, so I know them all (at least from my family's Greatest Hits album) and listen to the album in its entirety. I don't know... you know that feeling you get when you experience (or watch/read in my case) a great moment/showing of love... you heart beats harder and you can't help but squeal? That's kind of how I feel when listening to Al Green's Greatest Hits.
As for Otis Redding, I absolutely love Try a Little Tenderness. I guess I just love songs ending in -ness... but yeah. It reminds me of the oh so great scene of the 80's where Duckie serenades Andy.

I don't know... he just had an unconditional love for her. I guess I'm just being super sappy right now... but I'm alone in this world forever and always (except for my friends...) but I do love the song. Classic Rhythm and Blues just gets me there. Gets me through things, lame situations.

Either way, remember. When you get in a funk, like I seem to permanently be this week, just revert to your fail-safe music. The kind you grew up on. Whatever that may be, no judgement.