Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blasting your mixes

Fuck it's hot in London, and apparently when shit goes down. First off, I was in Camden Market when I hear a siren, a bus is slowly driving by me when I see these two grown men inside throwing down and beating the shit out of each other right up in the window. Little kids were screaming and being pulled out- once the bus stopped- by their guardians and boyfriends were holding their girls. It was fucking insane. Then the Camden Town tube station was closed for some reason, so I had to go to a further stop. Then, before getting dropped off at Tottenham some chick in my car passed out or something. I couldn't see but it was really hot inside so I could understand. All of this was worth it, though, because I scored this amazing belt and some yummy fresh-squeezed orange juice. AND a FREE show from the Kills this thursday at Rough Trade with rumored free beer! Oh, and of course going to see Stonehenge and British VOGUE!