Thursday, June 11, 2009

top gear

so I'll take a boredom break and update on my life. It's all a-jumble, so prepare:

I'm in London, I've been here for about 2.5 weeks, and it's to visit the bf and help his pack up and organize his moving to the U.S. I got to watch a shoot/ help out assisting on a Citrix shoot. I had crazy jet lag and came so close to falling asleep both days I was there. After these I finally met a member of the bf's family, his sister and her boyfriend, whom are expecting a child in september. I've done a lot of hang out since the bf works most of the time and couldn't get me on shoots, but I did hit up Topshop and made a couple purchases. Definitely hitting it up one more time, but I'll explain why have to wait on it later. Met the bf's work people for a belated birthday/going away gig. Couldn't really drink because I got food poisoning and didn't want any more offenders added into my body. It was tough. I also had these stomach problems for 5 days, rough rough rough. The funny thing is I'm usually never sick, and I've told my boy this, but I seem to always get sick whenever I'm/he's visiting. To top it off I think I got some sort of an infection from it so I had to go to a shanty "Royal" London Hospital clinic walk-in to get tested and get some antibiotics. I'm still not convinced they fully worked. Visited the Colombia road flower market on a saturday, had been to the Broadway market the week before... makes me wish there were more farmer's markets around home. Especially on weekends. A lot of my happenings are now forgotten, but I've walked around here and there, and of course have made sure to eat my indian, chinese, and what other nice national foods are around east London. I've fallen in love with a 3 bean salad, really, most side salads sold at the chain stores are excellent. I love how english food labels say exactly what is in the container right down to the percentages. Finally saw Synecdoche New York. And within the past 2 days have had major delays and troubles because of the Tube strike going on. Yesterday I helped out at Dan Tobin Smith's photo studio. The bf does some digital operating for Dan, as well as assists here and there for him, so I got to go in and help out on a personal project. He really is an amazing photographer, so check out his stuff:
Dan Tobin Smith

really great, yeah?
Anyway, after the shoot we all went to Dan's actual real-deal assistant's photo opening on a project about polaroids and the empty factory and what not. It took us more than an hour to get us in the general vicinity and had to walk the rest of the way. This time delay was because of the strike, creating much more car traffic and a lot of crazy bicyclists all over the place. This strike is also what has prevented me from going to Topshop one final time to get what I've decided is the thing I want to most now.

Also got to get to the Saatchi Gallery this weekend before the strike, couldn't get into the Museum of Natural History because the line was around the gate, so we went to Saatchi instead. The theme was up and coming American artists, but the one project that really stood out for me was this amazing one in their "basement" with a bunch of rubber molded old men in wheelchairs wearing "traditional" clothes/stereotypical/political outfits. Half of them are passed out in their chairs and other just sit in a corner, but most of them move around on sensors. I'll eventually get my pictures up so I can further demonstrate how amazing it was. I got kicked in the shin because I thought their sensors would be a little bit more sensitive.

Currently, I'm watching British Top Gear, well, more focused on the writing than watching. But I had pick up a bagel sandwich from Brick lane, as well as some chocolate truffles for the family (which I tried on piece of). Couldn't buy any more because I realized I forgot to call my debt card company and let them know I'm abroad... Oh, and I previously bought a bunny lamp/plastic 3d white bunny with a light inside, SO EXCITING. The store said they may be coming out with a cat version, and might include it online... I feel like 2 will be better than one, but I'm quite content as is.

Can't remember what else has transpired, but if I remember I'll just make a quick edit or a new post. I'll also make the picture post... Plus whatever else comes my with with my final 4 days here... so sad, I really feel like London could be home for me... oh well