Monday, December 31, 2007

But you've got it all wrong

Alrighty, I'm back from the cruise, and can start putting more pictures up from before I went on it. See, I need to process the cruise film and didn't really take many from before... however, those will also be up shortly. I guess I'll write more on the cruise when I put those shots up, however, there were a LOT of old wrinkly people as well as douchebags but I did meet a few cool dudes.

This first section is from the MCA, museum of contemporary art in Chicago. Kind of illegal, but I'm not using these shots for my profit. Some are from their permanent collection, others are from an exhibit on the influence rock and roll has had on art. Quite inspiring.

All of these are other ones from the same day.

more to come when I upload some of the digital...