Thursday, December 20, 2007

The livings easy

Some of the first shots of vacation:

Things are good thus far, I haven't done much besides walk around my neighborhood by a mile of so, as well as visit the MCA's "Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967" which I totally suggest getting to before January 6th. I've met up with J for a little bit of drinking and film watching... as well as M and other J for lunch and the MCA. I informed of some sad news though... my Grand-Aunt (if you can call her that, aka my grandfather's sister-in-law) is sick, and doesn't know how much longer she has. My mom then told me about how when my grandpa called my mom to inform her he had a moment and then started crying. First of all, the thought of my grandfather crying is unsettling because it's always sad to see or hear a relative when they cry, but then my mom gave me the whole back story. My grandpa's brother and his wife met in SEVENTH GRADE... and mind you, my grandpa is 6 years younger than his brother... so he knew the wife since he was in SECOND GRADE, which means he's basically known her his entire life. So I started thinking about how it must feel to have someone you've known for so long inform you that they don't know how much longer they'll live. I then also thought about it being the person YOU LOVE. Since I've never been in a relationship I can't really fathom my being in a position like this... which started to make me a little depressed about how I'm missing out on that part of life's experiences... never falling in love, or being loved by someone other than my family/close friends(if even that.) I still don't know if I've found my passion either. I do LOVE photography, but it's not something I live and breath 24/7... although I guess it almost seems that way. I don't know. It gets depressing when I start thinking about things higher than my control. It's a signal that I need to immerse myself into another movie so I can forget about my lame life for 2 hours...