Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No excuse to be so callous

so, 5/5 was the Rooney concert... I have to say I was slightly disappointed, but did have fun. So the Bridges were the first to open. They were pretty good, but a little generic. They were dressed well-albeit generic- and were interesting because they were an all female band with a male drummer. Then came Locksley. I don't know if many of the adoring girls there knew of them previously, but they all got super excited whenever the guys thrusted their slim pelves' in the girls' faces. They were pretty adorable, but you could see their youth and some inexperience/need of attention. Their music was better, although I could hear zero lyrics because of how many dumb bitches surrounded us wailing for no reason. Rooney was the last and I have to say they disappointed me the most, probably because of my fairly high expectations. They did play my favorite songs of theirs, but they were just boring. Robert and Ned were the most interesting ones up there, but that may have been because they were required to make the most movement to perform. AND, I've heard Taylor Locke's all the rage but he was the most boring guy of all, even the random dude in sunglasses playing back-up guitar was more interesting. All that Taylor did was watch himself play, and walk towards the dumb bitches who tried to grab at him and he'd quickly withdraw. One upside to the show was getting a set list, whatever. Fucking House of Blues, perhaps the most lame venue ever. It's so commercial, and won't even allow cameras, and you have to be wanded to enter! There's a reason I avoid going to shows there... they always wind up rather lame. I did have som fun though, I was a little tipsy which helped in my ignoring all the glares J and I got from the teeny-boppers and their parents, we certainly were the most interestingly dressed there.

On a good note, the Kills are sure to not disappoint, and I now FINALLY have my film from NYC, Toronto etc.