Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We tell stories

it's been a little while since posting. I was in London for spring break visiting my one and only. We went to Paris as well. Quite a lot of walking, my shoes didn't hold up too well which led to exhausted feet and body. Oh I belong in Europe so much more than America. However, it isn't the same when I'm walking around alone versus with lover boy like I had to do when he was with Mrs. Posh Spice on a shoot. But yeah, yay for Brick Lane shopping as well as Topshop, and a copious amount of Asian food I can't get at school. Besides that not much else went on except s the beginning of an obsession with "Come Dine with Me" a lovely little British reality show where people host dinner parties and are judged by their guests... so bad and soooo good. Paris was good as well. We did even more walking there. Climbed the Eiffel Tower (instead of being lazy ie. smart and taking the elevator), walked through the genius Catacombs looking at an endless amount of 18th century bones, walked through the Louvre, the cemetery in Montparnasse, and various other things. We went to Colette, not as impressing of a store as I thought, but the women's clothes were amazing. Also walked past: and another whose name I don't know thus cannot find on Style.com, but is a big name too. Got some glares while passing them on the stairs, oh well... Had some excellent food, drank some nice wine, got my Paris Vogue.

Also started shooting for my final project. So far they're looking good. I need to start working on them too... they may get up here eventually, but be warned, you see a little bit of booty (mine) so mentally prepare so as not to be frightened.

I wish I were back there now, mostly for my lover boy, but also I guess for the scene.