Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Helplessly Hoping

It's weird to think that we all seem to have music we go to when we're sad, well, when I'm sad. Last year I'd just have my bouts for no specific reason... quite different from this year. But what will never change is my reliable, wallow-in-whatever-may-bother bands. CSNY for their melancholic harmonizing, Al Green and Otis Redding are my equivalents of comfort food, then there are the sooth-the-burn female vocals of Camera Obscura, Mirah, and the taken-from-everywhere Psapp.  The worst, though, is when I'm so down I can't even decide what to listen to. While depressing movies are used to remind us that our lives really aren't that bad, music is more to help drown out the rest of my surroundings.

ugh, school and things are stressing me out and I really don't have anyone to spew my problems onto... I have no tv to watch my depressing movies, and I STILL need to get my work done